Guiding Documents

The main documents that guide the educational action of our school. Click on the link to open the document (all documents in Portuguese language).

Educational Project

The Educational Project is the guiding instrument for transforming changes in educational action and a structuring element in the planning and action of the entire school.

Evaluation Criteria

The general evaluation criteria for the different curricular subjects are specified, as well as the learning profile, final cycle competences, as well as domains, weightings and nomenclatures.

Internal Regulation

The Internal Regulation is the document that governs the functioning of our school, also contemplating the rights and duties of all members of the Educational Community.

Digital Security Policy

Recognizing the problems of Internet security, a Digital Security Policy helps ensure the proper, effective and safe use of electronic communications.

Annual Activities Plan

The Annual Activities Plan constitutes as the document that operationalizes the Educational Project and is an instrument, par excellence, of pedagogical management.

Distance Learning Plan

The Distance Learning Plan has as its fundamental objective to define the procedures to be adopted that allow students to continue to build their knowledge and learning within the family environment.

Specific Evaluation Criteria

The specific criteria and evaluation parameters, as well as the performance descriptors referring to each evaluation grading (all documents in Portuguese language).